Friday, January 5, 2018

My favorite Rihanna looks ♡ (Part 2)

                                                 What's your favorite look?

                                                         ♡View Part 1 here ♡

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pink lips, cute shoes ♡

Hi! I haven't made a post in so long! I miss it :( so I finally have more time to start again...

I'm done with this semester so I get to sleep in. This is me right now:

 Does anyone know fun or haunted places in Georgia? I'm going soon, I'm so excited!

I'm that weirdo taking pics of roses at the market :) 
omg I was looking at old collages I used to make and I miss that too! this one is my favorite I think! 

CUTE SHOES: look at how cute these are!


This is when I had pinkish/purplish hair! I wanna go back to this color again but my hair grows so fast and having to do your roots constantly can get annoying.

 I've been into pink lipstick a lot lately but I think my favorite liquid lipstick is "Samantha" from BH cosmetics! it's my favorite pink♡ 
 A really pretty dusty pale pink!


wearing Samantha ♡


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

glitter girl

It's summer time (my least favorite time of the year) so I have more time to post on here! if anyone who I don't already follow has a blog please let me  know!  I like reading other posts or reviews! 
So...I recently watched "Ever After" and remembered how much I loved her Cinderella costume and all of the glitter she wore! 

 body glitter<3  this one smells like kiwi!

        Love Drew Barrymore's movies! I think my favorite is between ever after and never been kissed wait!!! no....  her scene in Scream! CASEY! 

                                                      black glitter nails
                                               her costume reminds me of butterflies and fairies
                                                                     ♡ Lizz


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pretty Shoes♡

Hi! So,I've been wanting some cute everyday shoes for summer and I found the cutest light pink pumas! they're comfy too! 

 Puma "vikky" and they come in mint green!

Some pretty shoes I love <3


                                      and last... my mom's shoes! I love them, so cute ♡

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

♡ Violet eyes♡

Hello! just wanted to share some makeup I've gotten recently. Usually I just wear mascara, eyeliner and glitter but I've been wanting to start playing with different colors/makeup looks and decided to get some pretty light purple shades.  Everything can be bought at CVS (except for the Ben Nye glitter) the prices are pretty cheap! + cruelty-free ♡ I added some pictures of Alexia Wheaton from wish upon a star for some inspiration.

pictures are in flash and no flash

Ben Nye sparklers glitter  in  "Galactic Violet"

Milani  fierce foil eye shine in "Rome"

these swatches were so much prettier in person!

       e.l.f. Studio Baked Eye shadow Trio in "Lavender love"

     NYX color mascara in "FORGET ME NOT"
I haven't tried this mascara yet but since it shows up really light I'm not sure if I should wear a white mascara underneath? Do any of you have it? tell me what you think of it! :)

    ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer in         "Brightening Lavender"